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by Matt Aspinwall

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Myself and Matt Milone a.k.a. Tidal Waves have been talking about doing a split together for a while. After spending about two months writing and recording we present whomever it concerns with 11 songs.


released November 19, 2010

Tidal Waves side: lyrics and music by Matt Milone, poem by Anne Sexton, recorded by Matt Milone.
Matt Aspinwall's side: lyrics and music by Matt Aspinwall, poems by Tomaz Salamun, recorded by Matt Aspinwall.
Cover photograph by Matt Milone.



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Matt Aspinwall

with the infusion of friends’ idears, influence, and overall assistance, it wouldn’t be fair to keep putting it all under the porch of “matt aspinwall”. so “black lake” it is.

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Track Name: "ghost"
I screamed, "ghost" when I should've said your name.
Track Name: the lake
I am scared as hell that I'll wake up on the frozen beach entangled in my reoccurring dream - the lake at night by the willow tree. Circling, never-ending, I can see it clearly. What the deer tried to say was that I'm too distanced from everything - we are the same. But in my dreams I am dangling from branch above the lake.
Track Name: no stars
No moon, no stars. Just me floating in darkness over dead leaves. I can hear them crying for the tree to extend its barren branch - no response, no outstretched limb. In the morning I'll be so sick of this dried up yellow carpet. I'll detach myself from this branch and sing the songs that the deer sing and throw myself into the river and be glad I learned to sink. No more night and no more day.
Track Name: last year's calender
the dreams that i have always seem to let me down. waking up to faces of deer only to find out i am alone. and you sat silently in the kitchen staring at birds in the snow. "i don't want you to leave but it seems you left years ago." now you live in my dreams as a ghost.
i've no place here. in my mind it's just you and them. i am living on crumbs that fall from your chin. am i really this desperate to cling to your collar? your eyes are fixed on the window while i wander_ through this house, up the stairs, in the bedroom, by the lamp, on the dresser. i have no more use for last year's calender. i have never felt so afraid of the future as i did when i threw out the past.