by Matt Aspinwall

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released June 20, 2007




Matt Aspinwall

with the infusion of friends’ idears, influence, and overall assistance, it wouldn’t be fair to keep putting it all under the porch of “matt aspinwall”. so “black lake” it is.

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Track Name: Campfires
the sun marched through the canopy and tried to make its way to the willow tree
when the birds began to see, they tried to stop the fire's reach
they soaked all the branches and moved east
they moved away to escape the sun's fury
and when night fell on the man of the sea, he was lost in the forest
he was looking for me
there were campfires beneath every tree and he followed them to the willow tree where he found himself and he found me feeling cold and wet and feeling lonely
he carried me out to the depths of the sea where i died and moved out to the city
and i was content and living happily
but i was picked up by the sea breeze
and i was carried back to the willow tree
some drunk men cut it down and then they looked at me
and i was chopped up and my bones were buried
that was the last time that you could ever see me.
Track Name: Spring 2006
all my friends are moving north
to escape the summer
i'm in my room
trying to hide from my mother

the sky is turning black
the rains have come
perhaps i'll plant a garden for you or
maybe i'll just lay down

i'm in my room
and i'm staring at the ceiling
sunlight's pouring through my open window
as i listen to birds sing

i don't want to get up
you'll knock me down again
but i'm too much like the sparrow that
returns every spring

"la dadaaa dada da"

i'm in my room
and i'm lying on the floor
i can hear my family underneath me
laughing under the floorboards

"ha hahaaa haha ha"

i can hear a cop car
traveling down the street
with his sirens blaring i hope that
they catch that god damn thief

the birds have gone now
the clouds have moved in
i can hear the leaves shuffling out my
window that is still open

and the cop's going home now
to have dinner with his wife and kids
and everyone is happy and full
in their well-lit kitchen

all my friends are moving north
to escape the summer
i'm in my room
trying to hide from my mother
Track Name: You Are Not Afraid
you climbed to the top of the mountain just so you could sleep with the pine tree
everyone wanted to climb the mountain but only to find out what they could see
they all tried to climb the mountain but got buried under rocks and leaves
everyone had hundreds of funerals and you woke up next to me
Track Name: I Am Not Afraid
i sat on top of the ocean and watched the waves under me
everyone fell in love with the ocean, everyone, that is, except me
and everyone got caught up in the currant, i got dragged out with the tide
and everybody wanted to get sober and i just wanted to die