The Deer Before Breakfast

by Matt Aspinwall

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the moon hides behind the clouds - i lie the same.
to dream of the night is ignoring the day.
but i saw the deer before breakfast
as they were running away,
singing their versions of freedom that i hope to one day claim.
these seeds are sewn in loneliness
only to grow into beauty.
you're asleep by the window while i welcome the morning.
am i wasting my time wishing you'd appear?
as the days become shorter, so does the year.
i want to sing of freedom asleep by the window
and to dream of the moth dying next to my dreams.
to dream of the snow is the wish to be clean.
well, i wish to be buried in sleep.
i saw the frozen tide dance trying to come ashore.
if i coulda done something, then i woulda done more.


released January 7, 2010




Matt Aspinwall

with the infusion of friends’ idears, influence, and overall assistance, it wouldn’t be fair to keep putting it all under the porch of “matt aspinwall”. so “black lake” it is.

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